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Every year there is an increase in the number of wineries in the Ribera del Duero.  This has caused a growing demand for professionals with widespread experience and in-depth knowledge of all the functions of a winery. We can offer you this level of training at the SAN GABRIEL Oenology College.

The College started up in the academic year 2005-2006 and we are very proud of the fact that all the students who completed the course immediately found employment in local wineries.  In many cases these were positions of importance.  We have at our disposal a properly functioning winery, newly-equipped laboratories and a vineyard specifically for practical work.  Our students therefore leave fully-prepared for starting directly at their post in a winery, with expertise in all processes of development, from vine-growing to selling.


At the Oenology College we can offer you the best training with instructors who are connected professionally with some of the Ribera’s most prestigious wineries.  Your preparation will enable you to choose whatever position you wish at a winery.  There are many instances of former students occupying the post of winery coordinator, because the course is complete enough to allow the overseeing of the different departments that exist in this type of company.  If you want to undergo training to work in the exciting world of wine, we can provide you with a great educational opportunity.

San Gabriel Training College (PDF)

MASTER’S in Viticulture, Oenology and Winery Management
University P. Comillas (ICADE), (ICAI)

C.F.G.S  Business Administration and Marketing

C.F.G.M  Wine and Drink Production

Specific Wine-tasting Courses for Companies

Weekend Wine-tasting Sessions


Oenology in English

At the San Gabriel Viticulture and Oenology College we have opened our new tasting room that is set up to welcome weekend groups.  There are to be wine-tasting courses aimed at complete beginners, who would like to learn more about trying wines, and specific groups, who are looking to go into the art of wine-tasting in greater depth.  

Information is available at the San Gabriel Centre for any group wishing to attend.  Wine-tasting courses will be led by highly-qualified professionals, communicating in comprehensible terms to assist the understanding of wine and to reveal the subtle qualities that lay hidden within the ‘nectar’ obtained from grapes.

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